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Benches for the Garden and a new Winawood™ Furniture set!

Written By: james
Garden Benches for the Outdoors

Garden Benches for the Outdoors

Outdoor Benches are the Perfect Way to Relax in Your Garden

When choosing the right garden bench, you must first realise what you want from it in your home!  There are many different styles of outdoor bench on the market, and it is important to choose one that will fit into your gardens style, whether you want a light coloured bench in teak, or a hardwood traditional garden bench!

Step 1: The bench material

Your bench can be made out of Rattan, Hardwood, or Winawood™.  These are the three most popular varieties of benches at our garden centre, and so we feel like we can give you the best advice on which one to choose for your home, depending on various qualities:

Do you want the classic garden bench feel?

If so, then you will need to go with Winawood™ or a Hardwood bench, as the rattan benches feel synthetic, and in no way look classic. We advise Winawood™ benches, as these are completely maintenance free benches, and require none of the extra work of a hardwood garden bench.

Do you want your bench to be all weather?

This is important, if you want a bench that requires no maintenance, then you have to choose either Winawood™ or Rattan, as the hardwood varieties need oiling constantly, and storing or covering during the winter!  Time is money, and so weather proof garden benches are definitely a must!

Step 2: The style of your garden bench

The video above of how to choose your outdoor bench should really help you with in your garden this year, their channel also has come great garden furniture advice in general, and is well worth a watch for any gardener!

The style of your bench is very important, and having the right colour and material grain effect can add wonders to its ability to fit into your garden.  Brown benches are often preferred, as they blend into more backgrounds, but personally, I love the lighter teak coloured benches, as these really brighten up the sun spot in my garden!

As far as size, this all depends on how many people will be using the bench, and what sort of are you have to work with!  I went for a 2 seater, as my patio is only small, but I know for a fact that there are larger 3 seater benches, as well as love seats, and dining sets!


Another great youtube video on Winawood™ benches is here:

Step 3: Delivery of your Bench

Now, when living in the UK, it may be quite simple to get your garden bench delivered right to your door. However, international bench deliveries are often more tricky, and the heavier the bench, the more expensive it will be.

That’s why, we advise going for a rattan bench if delivering internationally, as these are much lighter (due to the aluminium frame), and so will cost you less money overall.

Garden Bench Resources:

Now while we do not prefer to recommend commercial bench suppliers, we can definitely point you in the right direction, especially when it comes to UK garden bench shops.

Try to search for a supplier that is honest about delivery times, has a money back guarantee, and is very easy to contact when purchasing your garden bench, this will ensure that they are a reputable company, and should stand you in good stead if you ever had any problems with your bench along the road.